Rwanda’s Data Revolution Policy published

The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) yesterday published Rwanda’s Data Revolution Policy setting out the country’s blueprint for creating a data ecosystem in the country.

With the aim of “attaining an innovation data-enabled industry for accelerated social economic development”, the Data Revolution Policy sets out a plan of action for NISR to carry out between 2017 and 2022.

This work will focus on realising data’s ability to enhance transparency, create new business opportunities, monitor progress towards development goals, provide researchers with new data sources and improve mapping information on Rwanda.

A Data Revolution office reporting to NISR will oversee these efforts and be tasked with creating a centralised national data portal by 2019 as well as exploring hosting and partnership opportunities while working with the government on data-related laws which may need revising.

Building on a 2013 open data readiness assessment, the policy has been under discussion since 2015 when Team Tumenye first gave feedback on the proposals. A consultation period was carried out in the same year with data experts in Kigali. A revised policy was then considered by leaders from the Ministry of Youth and ICT as well as NISR before the Cabinet finally approved the policy in their meeting on April 26th 2017.

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